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I haven’t written any blog posts this week but I’m working on the 3rd episode of Raw Phish! Stay tuned :)
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Finding DOM Polyglot XSS in PayPal the Easy Way | PortSwigger Research
Account Takeovers — Believe the Unbelievable | by Nikhil (niks) | Jul, 2021 | InfoSec Write-ups
Resources 👑
GitHub - purabparihar/Infrastructure-Pentesting-Checklist
GitHub - skeeto/endlessh: SSH tarpit that slowly sends an endless banner
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Ankur Warikoo
20 habits for your 20s

A thread...
Saloni Srivastava
The big secret to succeeding as a content creator? Be okay with creating even when no one is consuming.
Sumit Grrg
Business school? I don't know.

I'd rather listen to Steve Jobs all day.

A thread on startups, entrepreneurship, marketing, investing, career, and life:
Quotes 🧠
The madman is a dreamer awake” - Sigmund Freud
“There are two things a person should never be angry at, what they can help, and what they cannot” - Plato
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