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Web Attacks, Mastering Your Dark Side | Deep Space by Ritik Sahni

Deep Space
I had a great Sunday and I hope you had one too.
Let’s dive into the good stuff…

Updates 🌟
6 Interesting Honeypots You Should Know About! | Ritik Sahni
This year, India faced the 2nd wave of COVID-19. In my most recent Twitter thread, I shared my experience and key learnings I got from volunteering for COVID-19 patients.
Ritik Sahni (deep)
8 things I learned after volunteering for COVID-19 patients. A thread 👇
Blogs 📚
How I could have hacked your medium account by phishing your FB, Twitter & Google credentials. | by Renganathan | Jul, 2021 | InfoSec Write-ups
Google Bug Bounty: $500 worth client-side DoS on Google Keep | by Tommaso De Ponti | Jul, 2021 | InfoSec Write-ups
Can Infosec Professionals Be Vulnerable To Phishing?
Resources 👑
GitHub - riramar/Web-Attack-Cheat-Sheet: Web Attack Cheat Sheet
GitHub - OlivierLaflamme/Cheatsheet-God: Penetration Testing Reference Bank - OSCP / PTP & PTX Cheatsheet
GitHub - lostintangent/gistpad: VS Code extension for managing and sharing code snippets, notes and interactive samples using GitHub Gists
GitHub - Inf0secRabbit/BadAssMacros: BadAssMacros - C# based automated Malicous Macro Generator.
Favorite Tweets ✍️
Romeen Sheth
Early career years are painful.

You feel like an idiot 98% of the time - lost, confused and insecure.

I wish I had a cheat sheet of principles for my first job.

So I put one together.

Here are 20 things about building a career I wish I knew sooner:
Paras Chopra
Only accept criticism from people who you respect.

And only respect people who nurture you positively and have your best interests in mind.
Growth Hub
A growth mindset creates opportunities in adversity.
Ankur Warikoo
Don't ever resent yourself if the decision you wanted to take, did not work out for you.

You listened to yourself.
That is rare.
Quotes 🔖
“The problem is that we humans are deep conformists.” - Robert Greene
“Dissenting opinions are useful, even when they are wrong.” - Adam Grant
Idea 🧠
Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Either way, the thought is frightening.
Podcast Recommendation 🎙️
How to Master Your Dark Side | Robert Greene on Impact Theory
This is a great podcast episode of Impact Theory podcast with Robert Greene talking about mastering your “Dark Side”
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