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Ritik Sahni | Infosec Newsletter - Issue #7 ✨

Deep Space
Ritik Sahni | Infosec Newsletter - Issue #7 ✨
By Ritik Sahni • Issue #7 • View online
I hope you’re doing good. Let’s dive straight into the good stuff :)

What's New?
Glitch - TryHackMe | Ritik Sahni
Write-up for Glitch - TryHackMe
I’m trying something new, every time I post a write-up of a CTF box, I’ll also write a Twitter thread about the same that’ll explain everything briefly. It’s aimed towards people who don’t wanna dive deep into the box but still wanna learn new things :)
Blogs 📖
Finding my First Critical Web Cache Poisoning | by Yasser Khan | May, 2021 | InfoSec Write-ups
Axial - Nerds raising the calibre of security research
Resources 🔥
GitHub - Azure/SimuLand: Understand adversary tradecraft and improve detection strategies
GitHub - s0wr0b1ndef/WebHacking101: Web-App-Hacking-Notes
GitHub - mxrch/webwrap: Give me a web shell, I'll give you a terminal. 🌯
Quote ❤️
“When our emotions are engaged, we often have trouble seeing things as they are.” - Robert Greene
Favorite Tweets 🐦
Library Mindset
20 Quotes by Seneca that will change your life

Ankur Warikoo
10 Investment Mistakes I made

A thread...
David Miranda

A Practical, Step-by-Step Guide

How to:
• Validate your idea 👩‍🔬
• Build an audience 👀
• Give your product the best chance at success 🚀

... all while focusing most of your time on building!

⚡️ A thread 🧵 ⚡️
🇬🇧 IM 🇬🇧
Trust has many components:

-Competence - are they capable?
-Self-discipline - will they do it?
-Honour - do they betray oaths for incentives?
-Intellect - can they see the order effects?
-Virtue - do they have good intentions?
-Honesty - do they hide important information?
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