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Ritik Sahni | Infosec Newsletter #4 ✨

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Hey, friend!
Here is your weekly dose of useful blogs and resources! I hope it makes your day productive :)

Articles I read this week 📖
Here are some of the blogs I read this week and liked very much…
JavaScript prototype pollution: practice of finding and exploitation | by Nikita Stupin | Apr, 2021 | InfoSec Write-ups
How to Write a Great Vulnerability Assessment Report with this Template
Resources 📚
Some awesome resources I found on the internet which can help you in your daily life work…
GitHub - HLOverflow/XXE-study: This repository contains various XXE labs set up for different languages and their different parsers. This may alternatively serve as a playground to teach or test with Vulnerability scanners / WAF rules / Secure Configuration settings.
GitHub - Kitsun3Sec/Pentest-Cheat-Sheets: A collection of snippets of codes and commands to make your life easier!
Favorite Tweets 💡
Sahil Bloom
As we strive for success, we mustn't lose sight of what is truly important along the way.

The parable of the fisherman and the investment banker: on life, career, business, and finding purpose...
Sahil Bloom
To outperform, you need serious competitive advantages.

But contrary to what you have been told, most of them don't require talent.

10 competitive advantages that you can start developing today:
Ankur Warikoo
7 equations for living life

A thread...
Weekly Quote 😄
Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it. - Henry Ford
Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter, I’ll see you next week! 👋
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- Ritik Sahni
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