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I hope you’re having a nice day.
In this week’s newsletter, I won’t be sharing any resources with you. Instead, I’ll be sharing a wonderful way to find resources that might also change how you use the internet
Let’s dive into the newsletter!

What's New? ✨💎
This week I posted a Twitter thread that shows the complete walkthrough of Delivery, a HackTheBox machine created by Ippsec.
Ritik Sahni (deep)
Delivery - HackTheBox
(created by @ippsec)

Write-up thread 👇
Wanna read a more detailed write-up? I got you covered ❤️
The most recent blog on my website is also about the same machine. I hope you enjoy it (please do 😛)
Delivery - HackTheBox | Ritik Sahni
After you’re done reading my latest work - you must be *craving* to read more cybersecurity material.
I introduce you to an awesome search engine that won’t just help you find the right stuff but also save the environment!
Ecosia - the search engine that plants trees
Ecosia is a very unique search engine that saves the environment by planting trees!
It uses all the ad revenue to empower communities around the globe to plant trees and build a better future 💚 (greenery ftw!)
You can get more information about the search engine on
Ecosia makes its financial reports public for providing transparency to kind people like you! Check
Fun Fact - On average, about 45 searches can help Ecosia plant 1 tree! 🤯
What to do now?
Spend your learning time using Ecosia to find different cybersecurity resources and if you like it then maybe use it daily? It’s unbelievable that such an organization even exists! Surfing the internet can contribute more to the world than we think.
There are many things to learn about, let’s utilize Ecosia and grow ourselves while helping the organization plant more trees.
Interested in web security? Search for web hacking blogs. Want to listen to industry-level talks? Why not search for it today?
The possibilities are endless!
Use Ecosia and find awesome learning resources today! Share with me what you find - you can message me on my Twitter
Great findings will be published next week in my newsletter (along with your name 😉). Make sure to use Ecosia for all the searching :)
Quotes ✍️
“One Day or Day One; You Decide”
“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” - David Allen
Favorite Tweets 🧠
Anyone else love a useful how-to?

I put together a mega-thread of mega-valuable how-tos that can transform your startup, career or life

All you have to do is read these 10 how-tos:
^^ Read this thread. It’s worth it.
James Clear
Not being busy is a competitive advantage.

Most people are so strapped for time they can't take advantage of lucky opportunities or quickly resolve unexpected problems.

The ideal combination is proactive and flexible. Protect your free time, but maintain a bias toward action.
Busy != Productive
Rohit Gulam
Success is not equal to happiness

I've met many people who were successful but not happy

And I've met many people who were happy but not successful

Happiness is a by-product of doing what you love
“Happiness is a by-product of doing what you love”. True ❤️
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- Ritik Sahni
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