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Infosec Newsletter #1 ✨

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This is the first-ever newsletter I’ve sent out! If you’re reading this then I wholeheartedly thank your support <3

My Published Blogs ✍️
Blog(s) published by me this week on my website
Introduction to Spyse: Internet Assets Registry for Hackers!
Articles I read this week 📖
Here are some of the blogs I read this week and liked very much!
It is a write-up of “What App is On Fire?” challenge from Securinets CTF Qualifiers - written by Abhiram Kumar.
9 Ways to Backdoor a Linux Box. This article is a result of playing… | by Airman | Medium
This article highlights 9 different ways to backdoor a Linux machine, It can be useful for CTFs, and red teaming engagements, etc.
Unauthorized RCE in VMware vCenter - Penetration Testing Tools, ML and Linux Tutorials
A very detailed article that shows us the exploitation of CVE-2021-21972 (Unauthorized RCE in VMWare Center).
A very interesting blog about an XSS vulnerability on a “500 Internal Server Error” page escalated to an account takeover using Cloudflare WAF bypass and using Google Analytics to collect the victim’s session ID. A MUST READ!
Quotes 😄
Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be One. — Marcus Aurelius
If you’re occupied throughout the day and not getting time for what you love to do, you have failed your life. - @s0md3v
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- Ritik Sahni
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