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The last few months have been really unproductive for me but now I really feel like I’m getting back on track! Lots of ideas in my head ~ stay tuned ;)
One of the things I read in Atomic Habits by James Clear is that a change in environment can affect your productivity in both positive and negative ways and now I’m getting to experience that. If you feel unproductive, try changing the room you work in or just organize your workspace a little and see how it affects you.
How about you? Are you productive these days? Let me know a productivity tip that is working out really well for you! I’ll feature you in my next newsletter issue :)
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Blogs 📚
Zoltán Balázs - Ethereum Smart Contract Hacking Explained like I’m Five
Critical Vulnerability in HAProxy (CVE-2021-40346): Integer Overflow Enables HTTP Smuggling
VMware denies allegations it leaked Confluence RCE exploit | The Daily Swig
Resources 👑
H@cktivityCon | HackerOne
GitHub - imran-parray/Mind-Maps: Mind-Maps of Several Things
GitHub - minimaxir/big-list-of-naughty-strings: The Big List of Naughty Strings is a list of strings which have a high probability of causing issues when used as user-input data.
Favorite Tweets ✍️
Prakhar Gupta
Anything which occupies your mind influences you.

This influence can come from people/things/events you admire, respect, dislike, or envy.

Be careful with what you let into your mind.
Gmail can be a really powerful tool, if used effectively.

Here are 13 Gmail hacks to help you manage emails like a boss 😎

A thread🧵
Paras Chopra
Rationality is not exemplified by thinking.

It’s exemplified by winning.

If you are able to get what you want, you’re rational no matter how irrational your actions may appear to someone else.
Tinkered Thinking
Curiosity is frustration infused with patience.
Quotes 🧠
I started reading The Art of War - Sun Tzu (found it in my school library, yay!) and this quote really hit me…
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” - Sun Tzu
I hope you enjoyed reading this issue. Don’t forget to share your productivity tip here
I’ll see you next week!
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Ritik Sahni
Ritik Sahni @ritiksahni22

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